• Friendship

    Date: 2014.06.23 | Category: Art | Tags: ,,,,,



    When I needed one more abstract piece for my portfolio, to get into the program I was interested in, this was the result. This piece was done on Illustration board with Prisma wax pencils. The rose was from a picture i took in my Grandpas backyard in California. The neutral color of the illustration board really helped the design and colors stand out. The composition is well balanced, even with the visual weight at the bottom.  The leaves visually direct the eye to the center of the world rather than off the page. This helps to give it the illusion of the world hanging from the rose rather than the rose growing out of the world. I knew a white rose would symbolize “world peace” but that was too cliche and frankly reminds me of a beauty pageant. Friendship was what i wanted to emphasize. Coincidentally, I completed the majority of this when my 2 roommates and I would go over to our 3 buddies apartment to watch Friends. – Krystal Marie